Scientific Name Ilex x attenuata 'Savannah'
Common Name Savannah Holly
Hardiness Zone 6 to 9
Size 20 to 30' tall
Growth Rate Fast
Exposure Full to partial sun
Group Tree - Evergreen
Characteristics Leaves alternate, simple, 1.5 to 3" long and thin. Spiny from the middle to the apex. Leaf is larger than Fosters#2 and more like Ilex opaca. Lighter colour than Fosters. Bends down midrib in a 'v' and back at the tip. Great numbers of large red berries Autumn and Winter.
Grey speckled bark.
Pyramidal form but much more columnar than Nellie Stevens Holly.
Tends to be chlorotic (yellowing of leaves) in fall.
Landscape Uses Good specimen plant.
Slender pyramidal form is excellent for tall hedges and screens.