Scientific Name Ilex x 'Mary Nell'
Common Name Mary Nell Holly
Hardiness Zone 6 to 9
Size 10 to 20' tall and up to 10' wide
Growth Rate Slow to moderate
Exposure Sun to part shade
Group Tree - Evergreen
Characteristics Alternate, simple, lustrous dark green leaves. Very spiny. Large leaves, but not as long as those of Ilex latifolia.
Good quantity of red fruit.
Pyramidal, compact.
Needs pruning consistently to maintain dense pyramidal form.
Landscape Uses Dense screen and good privacy barrier. Ornamental pyramidal form.
Prune to shrub or tree form.
History Selection made in 1981 from a controlled cross made in 1962 at Tom Dodd Nurseries in Semmes, Alabama. The late J.C. McDaniel, former Professor of Horticulture at the University of Illinois, crossed a Lusterleaf Holly (Ilex latifolia) with another hybrid (I. cornuta 'Burfordii' and I. pernyi 'Red Delight'). The selection was named for the professor's widow, Mary Nell.


Photo credit: Lisa J. Miner