Scientific Name Osmanthus fragrans 'Fudingzhu'
Common Name Fudingzhu Tea Olive, Nanjing's Beauty Tea Olive
Hardiness Zone 7
Size 8 to 10' tall (can be as much as 20') and slightly less wide
Growth Rate Slow
Exposure Part shade - morning sun and afternoon shade preferred
Group Shrub - Evergreen
Characteristics Opposite, simple, long, lustrous dark green above, lighter and distinctly veined below.
Subtle serrations or entire. Not as shiny or dark green as the typical holly.
Flowers creamy white and profuse. In bloom for up to 9 months.
Extremely fragrant.
Landscape Uses Place near foot traffic or open windows. Around a screen porch would be good - in order to take advantage of the fragrance.
History "The most outstanding flowering selection of this species that I have ever seen. The fall flower display can only be described as spectacular and on top of that it is extremely fragrant too!" - Ted Stephens at Nurseries Caroliniana.